locations & service times

Sundays: 9:00am & 10:45am

Sundays: 10:30am

Sundays: 10:30AM

One way we pursue and live out gospel-centered community is through Hope Groups. These groups give a safe place to pursue redemption in Christ from sin and suffering. These groups meet every week on Wednesday nights on campus.

Gospel-centered community is a central means by which we make disciples, and Connection Groups are the main avenue for us to flesh this community out. Our Connection Groups meet weekly in the homes of someone in their group.


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Winter follows fall

  For the next several weeks most of America will experience the beauty and the cherished traditions of Autumn. The air will regain that familiar chill, nightfall will arrive a little earlier giving us more time to spend with our families, and God will demonstrate His masterful artistry by painting the trees with brilliant colors

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Loving Jesus by keeping his commandments

Jesus said in John 14:21 that we show our love for Him by keeping His commandments. Not by dressing a particular way, or preferring a specific genre of music, or attending the Church with the correct denominational affiliation, but by living our lives according to His commandments.

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